I'm leaving please let me move to another hosting you are blocking the servers

after i submitted a ticket i did not get an answer but i get blocked by the support team , so i was forced to use another account to write this complain, i want to move to another hosting but the servers are blocked , can you let me move please :angry:

Calm Down

thank you for taking time to reply, at least somebody alive here
i’m leaving my laptop now i get so tired

Its okay bro, i waited 3 months when i was using another free servers… this one is the best trust me… just wait and this doesn’t happen usually, they fix it really fast but this time it seems like a DDoS attack which its not their fault… just wait couple hours or days and it’ll be okay

i am in spain, could you know what is happening ?

just vote on that topic i created and wait for admin to reply

i just started working on this website few days ago for a client and i was planning to upgrade in a few days, i was almost done and the website shut down, you right it could be a DDoS attack , i tried to move to another hosting but it seems like they are blocking the servers for 90 days , just if you find a hosting who is separeted from their servers, seems like many hosting providers using the same servers

i think the paid servers are working fine, we’ll just wait hopefully it will be fixed soon, and please vote here so admin might reply

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