I'm in a deadlock

I would like to add my domain to my account.

The control panel tells me I need to change the nameservers before adding it to my account, but my registrar does not allow me to change the nameservers to the epizy.com or byet.org ones because these nameservers are not authoritative for my domain.

Please remove the check requiring me to have your nameservers in place before parking the domain.

Sorry, but that’s impossible. The system is provided by iFastNet, and Infinity Free cannot modify or change it. That being said, you could move your domain to another registrar.


Switching to an other registrar won’t do any good.
The rule is enforced by the SIDN for all .nl domains, independent of registrar.
The same applies to several other tld’s, as recommended by the Internet Engineering Task Force.

Yes, this catch-22 is a known issue with some domain extensions.

However, we cannot simply disable the nameserver verification check. If we did, then anyone could add any domain to their account. Which will result in people adding many domains to their accounts which they don’t own. In addition to polluting the server configuration with domains like that, it might also prevent you from hosting your own domains, because some other joker already added your domain to their account.

An alternative domain verification system is high on our wish list. But until we have that, you must change your nameservers before you can add the domain to your account.

Although, we’re hosting plenty of .NL domains. And some were even added very recently. So I suspect that the reason you’re unable to add the domain is because of a restriction with your registrar, not the registry. You may be able to transfer the domain to another registrar and add it that way.


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