I'm having problems with my oxwall site

I was updating the plugins and after it my website always shows the error 500. How can i fix it?

if you can login to WP admin - then remove the problematic plugins

if you are not able to login because you do not see admin page (white screen of death)
then https://forum.infinityfree.com/discussion/comment/11470

A HTTP ERROR 500 means your website code is crashing. A good place to start would be this article, which helps you figure out the actual error message generated by your website: https://infinityfree.net/support/http-error-500/

If the upgrade of a plugin failed, you can try to download the plugin code yourself and upload it to your website manually using FTP, overwriting any files already in there. If any files were corrupted during the upgrade, pasting a fresh copy of the plugin on top of it usually solves the problem.

thats the erro Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: Argument 1 passed to OW_ErrorManager::exceptionHandler() must be an instance of Exception, instance of Error given in /home/vol11_2/epizy.com/epiz_21897642/socialbrunoj.ml/htdocs/ow_core/error_manager.php:235 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: OW_ErrorManager->exceptionHandler(Object(Error)) #1 {main} thrown in /home/vol11_2/epizy.com/epiz_21897642/socialbrunoj.ml/htdocs/ow_core/error_manager.php on line 235

How can i fix?

I copied the error message into Google, and it looks like it’s a problem typically associated with software not supporting PHP 7. Could you set your account to PHP 5.6 instead of PHP 7.0 and see if that works?