I'm having a problem with my website

Sorry, I don’t feel safe posting the name on the forum. (It’s a rf.gd site)

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Error Message

It was showing me the suspended website iFastPage site (Embedded pic).

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I deleted the subdomain and then reclaimed it without deleting Monstra (via Softaculous). I think this is my problem. is there any way to get my website back? I need it back before the 27th of this month.

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Other Information

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The Imgur link is the second photo

Since you did not provide sufficient info, I can only point you to this

Good luck!


Sorry, but we’re not able to provide much help then.

If your subdomain was the domain you registered with, then you will need to move the files from the default htdocs to the new websitename.rf.gd/htdocs directory that should have been created. If it hasn’t been automatically created, you’ll need to create it yourself and move the files there.


Thank You.




Your site is probably on one of the servers currently experiencing an outage. You can’t do much about this but just wait. Without any info, I can’t tell if your website is on a bad server.

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