Im getting error 522 with cloudflare

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

Error Message

Connection timed out

Other Information

I’m using infinityfree for hosting GoDaddy for the domain and Cloudflare

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then it will be fixed?

I think it’s best we wait for a while, it may be for a short period of time. Please do come back if you face the same problem in a few days.


it worked but now it crashed again what is going on

The server that is hosting yours, and some other people’s website, is being attacked by what is called a DDOS attack.

Usually there is nothing to stop a DDOS attack, but you can backup your data, create a new hosting account and upload your data there. That way, you will have been moved from the server that is being attacked, into a new one.

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even if I have Cloudflare enable with under attack option?

It wasn’t a ddos attack on your website.
It was ddosed on the ip,so the options in Cf doesn’t matter

why there is no protection in their servers to stop it or block it?

It is a free hosting service,not a commercial hosting service.

Please mind your words…

ahhh ok

Because there is no way to block any DDoS attack, you can only filter/mitigate it. And blocking a large attack is EXTREMELY expensive.

If you have a few million dollars to spare, I’m sure we can get something up and running. But since you’re using free hosting, I kinda doubt that.


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