I'm getting an error when I open my website "suspended domain"

I’m getting an error on my website i.e “suspendeddomain.org”. Please solve this problem and bring my site back please do it!!

Please anyone do help me!

The Error is not a URL, but your website is redirecting to the URL. That can happen when the account is suspended, you removed the domain from your Main Account or you re-added it/transferred it on another hosting service and didn’t wait for DNS propagation/removed the cache. If that is the second cause re-add the domain again. If that is the first cause wait until the suspension period is finished and visit the website again.

I changed the nameservers from my old hosting to infinityfree and after that I again changed back to original (old one) so what should I do now to get back the website?

Should change the nameservers to again Infinityfree??

Or wait for suspension period to end??

How much time it takes for suspension period to end???

After the suspension period over will my domain suspended permanently??

You should change the nameservers to InfinityFree again, then add the domain again and clear DNS cache and computer cache or use or OpenDNS.
If your account was suspended, you had to wait maximum 24 hours to the cPanel account, FTP access and MySQL one and your website to be unlocked, then clear your DNS and computer cache. After the suspension period, if you cleared DNS and computer cache, your website will be reactivated.

Okay after changing back to infinityfree,
If I want to change to another hosting service what would be the procedure to change it safely without suspension?

Change the nameservers after removing the domain from the Control Panel and clear cookies, DNS cache and computer cache or configure OpenDNS or on your computer/mobile device. And wait 24 hours from the domain side to view the new website.

So first I need to change nameservers to infinityfree

Then remove the domain from cpanel and clear cookies etc.

Wait 24 hrs to view as a new site

Then how to change back infinityfree to my old hosting server please tell me, what’s the procedure to go to another hosting service safely

Go to your domain registrar’s control panel, then change the nameservers to the old hosting ones.

If I change to old server from infinity, dont they suspend again? will it be safe to do that?

No, it can’t be suspended unless you cleaned cookies, DNS cache & computer cache. It will be safe to do that.

One more thing Please tell me how to clear DNS cache & computer cache because in infinityfree cpanel I can’t see any option for it

& one more how much days will suspended period has??
Please help!!

How to remove domain from cpanel??

To clear DNS cache and computer cache open the Command Prompt as administrator and type these commands:
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew

If the account was ever suspended before on iFastNet’s free network, the period will be of 24 hours.

To remove the domain from cPanel go to it, then on Addon Domains you can see the domain you added - remove it with “Remove” button. Do the same on Parked Domains if exists and on Subdomains.

thanks a lot for your help!!
i will follow these steps, if any problem occurs i will contact you!
Thank you!

Does one of the explanations in this article apply to your website?


If not, can you please share the URL of your website so we can check what’s going on with it?

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