I'm getting 404 not found error when I click to another page on my website

Website URL: Romeo Asamoah – My Portfolio Website (rf.gd)

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Error Message: 404 Not Found

The page you were looking for could not be found!

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I wanted to direct all traffic to https and I followed some instructions, leading me to edit the htaccess file. I can’t Included the file in my complaint so I am unable to show the specific issue.
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I checked your website and it redirects me just fine. Can you try clearing your cache?


you probably did something wrong in .htaccess or in Elementor

the first link does not exist at all

the second exists only if it is accessed via the httpS protocol



Thanks. I just cleared the cache. Some pages are redirecting fine, whereas others are not. Can you help?

Yes, thanks for reaching out. I did do something in the htaccess file. The issue is I created a copy and put the original back so I don’t understand why I’m still getting issues? Can you help? I’m really short on time.

I can’t help you when you didn’t say in detail what you changed at all

It seems to me that you have gone over a lot
because I expected your wordpress/elementor to return a 404 error page (custom page) and not to see an error page from the hosting
so probably the original .htaccess code is no longer functional
or you have something at the top that does not allow other instructions from .htaccess to be implemented

best to return the original .htaccess file

and then see how it behaves on https
then in Elementor Regenerate all Files as well as permalinks
make sure each file/page/url/ is called with https etc.


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