Im confused with SSL certificate

Can someone explain how to get a ssl certificate through Infinity Free in more simple matters? I generated a key and all, but what about the certificate. What I was thinking at first, is that it will generate it in that too, but when i re-read it it seemed like i have to use the key to use some “SSL Vendor” to get the certificate. So now i’m just confused. I would greatly appreciate it.


i know and i read the article. I am still a little confused tho

You can request your SSL certificates through the client area. Just go to the Free SSL Certificates section and go through the steps there. If you get stuck in any of the steps, just come back here and ask, but I think the client area already clarifies a lot.

If you’ve only checked the hosting control panel, you’ll need that section to install the certificate, but getting the certificate is done elsewhere.


ohhhh ok thanks @Admin

@Admin it says this:

and apparently my certificate is this: Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 9.33.38 AM literally a: - did something go wrong? is that supposed to be the certificate? and is there anything else i have to do.

ohh wait i have to go in stall there. ok in 5-10 min i will tell if it work or not.

The certificate text will be filled in once the certificate is actually created. That can take up to half an hour after you’ve set up the CNAME record.

The nameserver error is a bit weird though, but it should solve itself automatically. Please let me know if it persists.

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