I'm Back

I’ve just came back from old hosting service and i’ve added my domain http://hamradiotv.ga to your system . It says it takes 72 Hours for a website to be see online is this tht case?

Thank you

Still thinks I’m one old nameservers after changing over to your

Your website looks like it is working to me. But yes, 72 hours or less is normal.

can you show me a picture please? As i’ve cleared my broswers files and it still thinks i’m on the old server


This is What i get on my end

Your trying to load your site over https, which requires a SSL certificate. You can read these articles to solve.


When setting up the ssl i get this

Wait for a certificate to appear, than copy the certificate and private keys into the control panel.

Which control panel?

Dear admin’s you may mark this Topic as closed. Thank you for your help