IIS or Filezilla Server? And why?

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I’m not using anyone of them and i ask myself questions about it.

  1. I think, if you are working in a company on many Projects, it will make sence to use a FTP server, but if you have just one website or may be 5, are you gonna use a FTP server or you just do it through cPanel?

  2. Which one would you love to use, Filzilla or IIS? And why?

  3. which is the more secure way to transfer files to the Host? Cpanel or another tool like Filezilla or IIS?

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I would always recommend using an ftp server. Always.

I don’t use IIS, so I would suggest FileZilla. Also, if you are experiencing issues, FileZilla gives detailed and helpful logs.

The online file manager provided by the service is quote-unquote “more secure” because it doesn’t connect to an external server. But if you use the ftpupload.net server with Explicit TLS, your connection will be encrypted with a 256-bit TLS1.3 certificate, which has the potential to be even more secure than the online file manager.

So to summarize, I recommend using FileZilla with the ftpupload.net server and Explicit TLS.


Thank you so much for your opinion.

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With “FileZilla” I assume you mean “FileZilla Server”, not “FileZilla Client”. The comparison doesn’t really make sense otherwise.

Both FileZilla Server and IIS are software for Windows servers, whereas cPanel only runs on Linux. I don’t have experience with Windows Server, but IIRC IIS is a web server like Apache, not a file transfer server.

FTP works well for any number of websites of any size. If you’ve never used FTP, it takes a bit more effort to set up. But once it’s setup, it’s very powerful. It’s harder to use for quick edits on the go, but some editors can deploy to an FTP server with a single click, which makes deploying really easy.

For a larger number of websites, I would really invest into automating the deploys more to avoid repetitive actions, so using a file manager then is definitely out of the question.

Personally: neither. I strongly prefer Linux servers, so I don’t want to use any Windows server software because it means I have to run a Windows server.

Assuming IIS doesn’t have special file transfer capabilities and just does HTTP/web traffic, it really depends. Neither of them is really more secure: they all support encryption in transit and security on the remote server is as good as the way the server is set up.


@ [Admin]
Thank you so much for your opinion.

Answer: 421 Timeout - try typing a little faster next time
Error: GnuTLS-Fehler -110 in gnutls_record_recv: The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.
Status: Server did not properly close the TLS connection
Error: can not read from: ECONNABORTED - connection was interrupted
Error: connection to server was interrupted

Hello, i get these errors, when i connect using Filezilla Client. An issue with TLS means that my credential could seen in plaintext. Why do I become these errors?

This is completely normal. You get this error when the connection to the server is closed. This can be an issue, but it might also be the server closing idle connection.

If you’re having an issue, please describe the actual issue you’re having and provide the FULL logs, not the final error message.

Thankfully, that’s not true. If you could force TLS to be disabled by breaking the connection, a hacker would easily be able to steal your data by simply corrupting the TLS connection and force the connection to plain text. That would make it very simple to bypass TLS.

If you ask for TLS and no TLS connection can be established to safely transfer data, then no data will be transferred. Your credentials are safe.


No Thank you, I don’t have any issue. I just thought, there could be something wrong with TLS.

One year ago, I’ve created a functional and lovely website, but as I was done and wanted to upload it on a live server, I started thinking about the security of my website. Then I had to work for a company and had no time to search more.

Now I’ve a little bit more time and I use it in programming a website, but I need to learn firstable more about security. Because it doesn’t make any sense to create a functional and lovely website and then a hacker comes and embeed his iframe or anything else in the website!

No no, I either want to disable it nor using a SSL/TLS that is version 1.0 or earlier.

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