Iindex page of new site shown in Japanese!


Hi, I’m new to InfinityFree but not to web design. Created an account here and FTPd all the files on to the new site (worked perfectly) using CoreFTP.

When I open the URL in Chrome, IE and Brave the pages are in Japanese. The pictures display fine.

Is there a setting somewhere for site language that I’ve missed.

Any help would be much appreciated,



InfinityFree does not translate files on your site, only the browser, or your code can do that.

Fetching a copy of the code , I see this:

Please check the code of your website to make sure it is saving and uploading correctly.


Thanks for responding.

Exactly the same pages are hosted elsewhere at the moment and work fine (http://kylekarate.com).

Only wanting to move them here because of https/http issues.

Pages display properly on localhost and got no errors when FTPing.

i will check them again though.



This is what it should look like:

I just checked your site kylekarate.epizy.com and to me it looks like the screenshot. Could you please try to clear your browser cache and try again?


I finally got it sorted by using the inbuilt file manager rather than CoreFTP.

I don’t know what was the matter as it’s worked fine on other hostings and sites.

We live and learn . . . .


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