Iframe redirect to Google


As expected, the website is normally available when typing the url in the search bar of a browser.

There appears “test”.

But when im embedding this site in another site, the iframe is redirecting to Turn cookies on or off - Computer - Google Account Help

<iframe src="https://embd.rf.gd/" width="" height=""></iframe>

The article is about cookies, so infinityfree thinks, the browser disabled cookies, which is not true for me.

In FireFox it works perfectly fine, but in Chrome it does not.

I think this has something to do with the built-in ddos protection and spam prevention. But I do not know what to do now.

I think this may be caused by the restriction on third party cookies.

The redirect to the cookie article is caused by the security system described here:

In short, the system checks to make sure both cookies and Javascript are enabled.

Some browsers block access to so-called “third party cookies”, which are cookies set through things like iframes. This is done as these cookies may be used to track you across websites. In general, browsers are moving towards always blocking these cookies.

So, long story short: you can’t iframe your site hosted here.

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Thank you for the fast answer.

As far as I know, CloudFlare makes these security systems superfluous. So can I add CloudFlare to the subdomain?

NO !

CF only works if you have a domain
and then when you add a domain to their system then you can do some settings

but you are not the owner of the rf.gd domain
you own the freeSubdomain of that domain

Look (search) here on the forum for how to use Freenom (free domains)


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