Ifastnet Super Premium yearly plan

I’m interested in ifastnet Super Premium $47.88 paid yearly plan.
Can anyone tell me if $47.88 is the standard price, not just a first year promo?
Does ifastnet online checkout except prepaid Visa cards?

[email protected] doesn’t offer human support
I registered at http://support.ifastnet.com/, but didn’t see where to ask questions.

I see below when signed in at http://support.ifastnet.com/

“Maintanance is currently underway on several premium hosting servers if you are seeing a 502 bad gateway, please allow 1 hour before making a support ticket.”

Looks like Premium plans are affected by current InfinityFree server issue as well?

On the home page of their support system, there is a link “Open New Ticket”, which does what it says on the tin.

As for the pricing, to my knowledge, these are fixed prices, not promotions. iFastNet doesn’t bait and switch :wink:

Thanks for reply. I didn’t open a ticket because I don’t have a hosting account. After further search believe they do take prepaid Visa. I looked into their Forum, and wasn’t impressed, said their forum wasn’t for support. It’s confusing, you’d think IFastNet would have a forum equivalent to InfinityFree, or at least share this forum.
I’ll probably stay with the majority here in steerage, I really like the community support, maybe just upgrade to a .com domain.

Most premium hosting companies don’t have support forums, because most people prefer to talk directly to staff instead. And since their staff is busy answering tickets, they don’t typically check the forums. While iFastNet’s forum does have a premium hosting section, only very few people use it.

The primary reason this forum is quite is because it’s the only way to ask for help.

I see. Is InfinityFree owned by IFastNet, or independent and in part funded by advertising IFastNet? Just trying to understand their relationship. Are premium IFastNet users active in forum here?

iFastNet sponsors us with infrastructure for free hosting and we advertise their premium services in return. That’s it. InfinityFree and iFastNet are owned and maintained by different people. We could, at least from a legal perspective, move away whenever we want (from a technical perspective it’s a bit more complicated).

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