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I’m currently looking to upgrade my account. However, I’m confused as to when I look at the hosting plan table on upgrading to yearly super the limit of email accounts is 20 but on ifastnet it says that the limit is 100. So I was wondering what is the limit?

Sorry if it’s a stupid question!

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You only want a Email Account Hosting or a whole premium hosting?

Does IFastnet even offer this?

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correct. Instead use yandex



That’s what I’m talking about, if you only want a Email Account Hosting for your domain, then I suggest you to use Zoho Mail or Yandex mail, they are in a very cheap price.


When you say the hosting plan table on upgrading, I take it you mean the Account Upgrade page in the control panel? Or are you referring to something else?

It’s possible that iFastNet changed the plan specifications and either they or we didn’t update the plan details everywhere.

My first guess would be that the plan details on the iFastNet website are leading. But you could ask them yourself to be sure.

Going for an email only service is possible of course, but their “very cheap price” is still $1 per user per month for Zoho and $1.85 for Yandex. An iFastNet premium account is $4.99 per month for either 20 or 100 accounts, and gives you better web hosting as part of the package. If you only need one or two accounts, those services may be cheaper. But after that, iFastNet’s hosting quickly becomes cheaper.


Nicely explained!

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