Ifastnet.com down due to fire. (Unofficial announcement)

Hi everyone, the ifastnet.com website is down is down due to: Millions of websites offline after fire at French cloud services firm | Reuters. According to the article, everyone is fine without injury.
However, this does not affect the infinityfree in any way, because the wildcard data center is fine.

Update: Except for the certificate and register2.php, the website works for me.

Update: Certificate is now valid. Register2.php still not working.

Update: Register2.php fixed


I don’t know whether it has anything to do with the fire or not,

but it seems to me that they messed something up

the server responds but the extension is missing

Probably switching from (OVH) to (ifastnet) so something went wrong in the process :slight_smile:

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They had announcement at their website from the director Kevin M.

Free hosting was pretty much unaffected, except that ns2.epizy.com and ns4.byet.org were also down. Fortunately, we have multiple nameservers in different datacenters, so the only impact was some performance degradation.

Both nameservers have been moved now.

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