If your account was just suspended: we're working on it!

Earlier today, we were trying to suspend a large number of abusive accounts we detected before. However, due to an issue on our end (old, polluted data), many more accounts were suspended than intended, including many harmless accounts.

We’re currently working to resolve this issue. However, due to the nature of the issue it may take a few hours before all accounts affected by this issue are reactivated.

Please do not submit any review request yet, because your account may be reactivated again automatically.

UPDATE 2018-01-04: All accounts initially affected by this issue have been reactivated. If your accounts are still suspended incorrectly, please submit a review request for it.

How much longer do we have to wait? It’s been a whole day already… Do you check them personally or something?

All my 6 accounts were suspended(I’m an old user)
I’ve put a request. If there’s any website that has malicious activity, please tell me because I have simple wordpress and HTML5 websites, nothing more.

All accounts initially affected by the issue have been identified and reactivated yesterday. If your accounts were not reactivated then, please submit a review request for them.

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Hello, I do not know how to put in a review request, however I just made a new domain and linked it under my .com and its automatically suspended.

EDIT: Now it’s just giving me a 404 page, although there is content.

FIXED. Please delete these two posts.