If your account is permanently suspended, can you still download the source code?

The title is pretty self-explanatory (I have a hard time writing short but informative titles on subjects like these, sorry).

As @admin mentioned in another post, your account can get permanently suspended (that’s something new to me).

Because when accounts get suspended you can’t use the FTP manager or connect at all, I was wondering if you could download your files if your account is permanently suspended.


I mean suspension from hitting the site visit limit too many times.

Ps: no, I have not gotten my account permanently suspended, I’m just curious.

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You can ask them for copy of your site, but if it is suspended due to illegal activity or phishing, then you cannot obtain your files anymore.



I just hope whoever requests it gets their copy - otherwise that’s just mean :frowning:

It is worse if you let a rebel to obtain his illegal files, then use it somewhere else and cause harm.


Someone makes a fake facebook login (phishing)
and record all login data in DB that naive visitors enter thinking they are logging in to some official website…

Why would such a user be allowed to download all this data after his acc is terminated ?


Ok, ima make an edit.

I was talking about perm suspension from hitting the site limit too many times…

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They’ll give your files if this happens actually.


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