If the server enable CORS?

enable CORS?

i want to deploy pdf.js to insert pdf from other website url(viewer.html?file=url…) to my WordPress,but when i do this ,the devtools console warn me that i need allow origin… to use(image Below)
what can i do? or what some plugins i should install to Achieve goals?

Website URL

html5syt.eu.org(temporary disable cf cdn)
html5syt.cf(open cf cdn)

Error Message

Other Information

i modify the viewer.js to allow the cors file,because the pdf.js not allowed doing so.

Welcome back to the forum! You might be limited by this security system:

Also what @KangJL said.


Free hosting does not allow CORS


so can i use other service to insert pdf like: <iframe :src… and the src link is from other website?
Please forgive my bad English:-( I’m Chinese

Unfortunately not, no. Infinityfree is meant for website hosting, not file storage.


If you have website A that embeds a page from website B in an iframe, then website B cannot be hosted by us, regardless of where website A is hosted.

You can embed a page from somewhere else on your website hosted here, but you cannot embed a page hosted here in another site.


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