If I'm lucky, after 2-3 minutes I can reach my site

Here's a new one:

Error 520 Ray ID: 497186c0a2ff9649 • 2019-01-10 19:25:28 UTC

Web server is returning an unknown error

swaglertools.cf Host Error
I didn't mean to be sarcastic, but there are serious issues here with servers...
I hope it's only periodic, and resolved. Thanks to all concerned.


do you still have that problem?

I see that you installed wordpress in subdirectory yourDomain/wp/

if it’s just a new website and you have not worked a lot on it, reinstall is the fastest solution

check the “in Directory” field in Softaculous, it should be empty if you do not want a subdirectory (that WP)

softaculous - if you want to uninstall
on the toolbar (up right) the box icon is located (the mouse over that icon will write “all installations”)
click it
and then How to remove a installation

OxyDac - Thanks, will that speed up load times?

it’s only unprofessional when you give your address (domain) to someone
and he sees the file list instead homePage, It’s also a problem with google (SEO)

what is “slows” your site is a large amount of css files (4 sec)

turn on the console in your browser and visit your site

all those css files can be merged into one file etc.
or delete unnecessary styling…
as few http requests = faster page and rendering

OxyDac - I moved contents of swaglertools.cf\\htdocs\\wp to swaglertools.cf\\htdocs with FileZilla. I noticed there is another htdocs root folder, is that for private data? I couldn't figure how to move without first changing folder settings in WordPress Admin Panel.

Wow, how can you merge all these css files into one file? Is there a utility, or whats the best way to fix all these ambiguous calls...
Error in parsing value for ‘background’.  Declaration dropped.
Error in parsing value for ‘padding’. Declaration dropped.

Thanks for the help.

I am a little confused how you managed to move wordpress using just FTP (moving the files)
because wordpress also uses DB and other things … so it’s best to make uninstall first and then install again.
this is also why you had to change the address in wp admin

you’re a programmer (developer) as well as a few of us here
and I think it would be best for you to make a static HTML page if you do not need “login stuff”

it would not be difficult for you
and then it’s easier for you to have one CSS

your site is quite simple and there is no need to have so many plugins that carry a large amount of CSS
you need to remove unnecessary plugins

what is

Error in parsing value

this occurs if browser finds specific instructions in CSS selector for other browser.

it not recognize, ignores and reports as a parsing error
unless it is really something wrong with the CSS code

for example
I use Firefox and when he sees


(this is a guide for old versions of chrome, etc.)
firefox thrown an error

the standard is the

background: linear-gradient

in short, that is the legacy of the era while the browsers were non-standardized
and this is used if you want to support visitors who have 3 or more years old


Yes, first I edited the .htacess and script installer properties, but global permalinks... were screwball. Undid move. Logged in, Edited Admin WordPress Address (URL)... logged off, moved WP, logged in and edited home page menu permalink... Done!

I installed Asset Cleanup, then removed cause only PRO version functions.

I've already got rid of blog front page, making static. "Static HTML page" you mean move all content to Home Page?
Yes, maybe I don't need comments either, just have copyright notice at bottom of page with contact info.

I use Firefox. You're suggesting: Caniuse command line tool for Firefox?

My idea is that you make your own website (write it)
take some free template from the net and modify it

no wordpress, etc…

google “free html template responsive”

Website: Static vs Dynamic - javatpoint

I see. Yeah, I write everything in unmanaged C++ and MASM. I should have got into this in 2008. OK, back to researching low level simple examples...

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here you have typo http://swaglertools.cf/audio-playback-control/
sporting = sUporting

why download does not work?

it should not be difficult for you as a developer
one thing you have to understand in HTML is the path and scope

Thanks for pointing out bad download links. Download Monitor plugin needed all the paths corrected after WP dir move.

So if I write a single HTML file, how is it configure in InfinityFree control panel to be launched? Is there an HTML editor, a section for low level writing and testing in InfinityFree?

swagler said:
Is there an HTML editor, a section for low level writing and testing in InfinityFree?

I can tell there's quite good editor, it's MonstaFTP's(web ftp client) editor, try it out
So swaglertools.html and all resources are placed in swaglertools.cf\\htdocs  ?
Where do I access MonstaFTP, in SiteBuilder?

In your client area → choose account and click “File manager”

Thanks. I'm trying to find an example project that includes all required files .htaccess, index.php... whatever.
I've got my HTML web page up, and loads fast. I'm starting a new topic being issue is solved.