If I install wordpress plugin will it erase everything?

Hello, I have developed my website in Dreamweaver uploaded my the files through the file manager. The site is working, the address is www.alphaservice.epizy.com

I would like to make a store section on my website, and I thought in installing Wordpress plus Woocommerce. But I am worried if when installing these plugins though the control panel, it will erase everything .

The question is: how to install wordpress and woocommerce keeping the files that already are there?

Another question is : Does Woocommerce need Wordpress, or can I install just woocommerce standalone?

Many thanks in advance.
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Oopsie Doopsie.

Installing a plugin will not erase any data. (Exception is malicious plugins which are too not allowed)
Secondly, you can’t install any wordpress plugin from the infinityfree client area.
You need to install plugins via WordPress Dashboard or FTP.

Woocommerce is a plugin of “wordpress” so yes, wordpress is base and needed.

as like you install any other plugin.



You can try to install WordPress using the Plugins interface from WordPress itself. But WooCommerce is quite a bit plugin, so it’s quite likely to fail.

If that happens, you can do a manual installation instead. How to do that is described in this article:

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