If I go to mysitename.rf.gd/about it is redirecting to www.mysitename.rf.gd/?i=1

If I go to www.ksr.rf.gd/about it is working fine, but if I go to ksr.rf.gd/about it is redirecting to www.ksr.rf.gd/?i=1. Is there anything I can do such that ksr.rf.gd/about will redirect to www.ksr.rf.gd/about?i=1 instead of www.ksr.rf.gd/?i=1. I am using GitHub pages.

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It seems to me that the TLS certificate is only for www.ksr.rf.gd

and that it does not exist for the naked variant ksr.rf.gd

this should be addressed first



I made the CNAME required and it turned green but after sometime it went back to red. I again had to delete the the CNAME record and add it. I did this several times and I am still not getting the free SSL certificate. Please help.

Do it once and wait. DNS does not update immedetly.

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I know I waited for one day. It updates after 1 minute and then it will become red again until I delete the CName and create again.

That’s not enough. It can take 72 hours to update. Just leave it, and dont touch it


Today I have poor concentration, so if I write some nonsense don’t mind :smile:

Cert is valid for the naked version

Regarding your first question:

if someone asks for the “about” page from the naked version this is happening:

There we have several 301 redirects

Request 1: https://ksr.rf.gd/about/

URL: https://ksr.rf.gd/about/
Host: ksr.rf.gd
Error/Status Code: 301

Response 1 Headers:

server: nginx
location: http://iamsreeman.github.io/

after being here - it is sent with 301 but this time it has www in the address

Request 2: http://iamsreeman.github.io/

URL: http://iamsreeman.github.io/
Host: iamsreeman.github.io
Error/Status Code: 301
Priority: VeryHigh
Protocol: http/1.1
Initiated By: https://ksr.rf.gd/about/ line 0 column 631

Response 2 Headers:

HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently
Server: GitHub.com
Content-Type: text/html
permissions-policy: interest-cohort=()
Location: https://www.ksr.rf.gd/

Instead of all these 301 which going back and forth

It might be easier to have a CNAME
as you have for the www version so then do the same for naked
so that both lead to the same

and then edit some .htaccess file there that will
force the www variant (I assume it’s your wish)
and also take into account the rest of the requested (about page or any other file/dir)

In essence, it is in your best interest that the browser does as little work as possible related to DNS,
because time is wasted there.

And to make the simplest solution that exists.
The more you complicate - then the harder it is to maintain it all
and at the same time, there is a chance that problems will arise.


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