Idk if i have to do this

i haven’t been online for a week, (cuz of thanksgiving break) and i dont know if my forum acount gets deactivated after sometime, so im just posting this just in case. Sry if i wasted your time with this.

Forum accounts do not deactivate unless you deactivate your hosting account. so it is ok to take break from forum.


Basically what @anon19508339 said.

Just to clarify: the status of your forum account is tied to your client area profile. Client area profiles are not deactivated automatically, but you can delete the profile yourself if you don’t have any active hosting accounts anymore.


So I dont host my websites here,I am here just to help people. So will my account get deactivated?

of course no.

To repeat:

So no, your account will NEVER be deactivated by us. Only you decide when your account is deactivated.


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