Identities on webmail

Can anyone say, how I can edit the identities of my email in webmail?

As you can see by the disabled fields: changing the email identity is not possible. It was purposely disabled for security reasons.

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@Admin what do you mean by “security reason”?

A “security reason” could be that enabling the function enables you to do things which harm the security of our systems, or that the function is used for abuse a lot.

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@Admin can’t you manually review and edit it please?

No, we do not make changes to individual websites. Reviewing individual websites takes time, more times takes more staff, more staff takes more money, and money is exactly the thing which you don’t give us for the service.

If you want more features (including - apparently - IMAP support from PHP), please consider moving your website to premium hosting, where you also get more server power and more flexibility.


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