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Hello, its not a error message. I am trying to remove the background image holder on my site. I used a PopularFX template. I can see in the source code of my site that removing ".p-y3v3249 .pagelayer-image-holder{text-align: center}
.p-y3v3249 .pagelayer-image-holder .pagelayer-image-overlay-content{text-align: center}
.p-y3v3249 img{max-width: 74%;filter: blur(0px) brightness(86%) contrast(88%) grayscale(0%) hue-rotate(0deg) opacity(100%) saturate(100%);box-shadow: -50px 50px 0px 0px #011434 !important}
.p-y3v3249 .pagelayer-img{-webkit-transition: all 400ms; transition: all 400ms}
.p-y3v3249 img:hover{filter: blur(0px) brightness(100%) contrast(102%) grayscale(0%) hue-rotate(0deg) opacity(42%) saturate(100%)}
.p-y3v3249 .pagelayer-image-caption{color: #0986c0}
.p-y3v3249{z-index: 43 !important; position: relative;box-shadow: -2px px px 0px !important;-webkit-animation-delay: 600ms; animation-delay: 600ms}
" gets rid of the background block behind my logo, but I can not find these lines of code on the admin side of my site. How do i enter the source code from the admin side?

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To be honest i could even live with just being able to change the color of this, but i can not for the life of me find it!

The file is probably going to be stored somewhere in WordPress’s file system.

I personally have not used WordPress in over 2 years, but you may be able to find it somewhere in the WP-themes folder (I could be wrong).

But can’t you just edit the file using the UI?


Why don’t you approach the theme author?


All good suggestions, I ended up deleting the entire part in the editor and replacing it with the logo. :melting_face: lol

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