I wish to use jetpack in my WordPress account

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I try to install jetpack in my WordPress account by this give error is “sit not found”. in signup the jetpack account.

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We don’t recommend the use of jetpack here, as it contains many unneeded functions, and requires a lot of server resources, leading to quicker suspensions.


Sir i needed their all function in my website. Please give me access to use jetpack in my account.

You can totally use it, it’s not blocked. We just don’t recommend it. And since we don’t recommend it, we don’t exactly know how to fix it when it does not work.


But sir I will set up jetpack it give error which is “An error occurred. Please try again.”.
Picture of error is giving below.

Sir kindly help me in this issues.

Thank for support.

I believe it has to do with this:


could you guide about xmlrpc.php that do not work. I face some issues in website that need xmlrpc.php for set up. kindly help me.

Could hosting block the xmlrpc.php file due to security reasons. If it had, I required you to give access in xmlrpc.php file. I need this file to resolve some issues that i face in my website.

I wait your response and hopeful you resolve my issuse.

That is indeed the reason.

Not likely to happen. Upgrade to premium hosting if you need that functionality


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