I will help those who want a custom 404 not found error page

Are you bored with the simple and unresponsive 404 pages that you always see on your web,
Well I can help you build great and responsive custom 404 error pages!
BTW Admin is it okay to post this if not I will delete this thread immidiately!

So if you want a responsive custom 404 error pages,
Well follow the instructions below:

  1. Email me [email protected]
  2. Give me your domain name address (e.g. www.example.com)
  3. Give me your URL of the background picture to put on your custom 404 page.
  4. Give me your support URL address (e.g. www.example.com/support)
  5. Send the informations to me
  6. Wait for 1- 3 business days and I will give you the download link.

You can see my example here:


  1. Upload your custom 404 that I gave you to the directories:
    (Delete the existing 404.html first)
  2. Watch your custom 404 if you liked it!
  3. And test it if it has damage or anything