I was suspeneded to What do I do?

I was suspended all I was trying to do was make a social networking website with open source social network This folks are crazy!

Social networking website is not allowed.


Yes, it is because this guy did it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1CdsppgKdY&list=PLqJjAZ_oOrMXVrf4unhF_XLZ3pqoqxhkW

Then his one also probably got suspended later too. The Terms of Service say that social media networking sites cannot be hosted here. Free hosting won’t be able to hold up your site.


My website domains have been banned for creating a social networking website but another guy did it and did not get please unban my account soon as possible I already submitted a tic

ket, but they said they were going to put the account in pending, but they didn’t Thank you, God bless

Please don’t create multiple topics about your suspension.

Looking at the suspension, I do see some suspicious activity related to your OSSN installation. However, I don’t fully understand the status codes or what the policy is regarding accounts which have this status.

So if the account review staff says it’s not allowed, then it’s not allowed. Sorry, that’s all I can do.


Will I ever get my unban I know you’re the owner so you could unban me but I know it will be breaking infinity free rules

This guy did it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1CdsppgKdY And didn’t get banned, so I don’t understand you all’s policy I think you all are being racist

Maybe they’ve not yet found him ever? if They were racists then i was banned before because i’m from particular country, why not reporting him instead of calling us ‘racists’?
Finding violators is not very easy, if they’ve found you, then they’ll find him and ban him too, if someone reports him.

Just to be clear: OSSN is not inherently banned (as far as I know), and I’m not sure if the the usage of OSSN caused your account to be suspended.

Like I said in my previous post:

I see references to OSSN, but no signs that OSSN itself is the reason of suspension.

I don’t know what exactly is the difference between your site and the site in the video. But to be clear about something else as well: the fact that we haven’t taken down a site yet does not mean we condone or support that sites or similar sites.

I was banned again ossn keep causing it for some reason I don’t why but I need this social networking website Thanks

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