I want to upgrade Hosting

Any Discount coupon? Can you advice me more knowledges about Ifast net?


The last email I received was using the coupon code: “Holidays”
(25% off for any web hosting plan from IfastNet.com)

For coupons - basically you need to check your e-mail (byethost.com sales),
it comes to your e-mail address several times a year.


I Want to upgrade hosting, how to transfer my whole site without loosing traffic of my site?

If you want to transfer your website to iFastNet Premium Hosting, please read this article to get started with it and how to transfer your website to Premium Hosting:



Not only one domain, I wan to Super Premium (Yearly) package and I will add more domain later is possible !

On the product page, you can see that a Super Premium page can have up to 20 addon domains, so that’s up to 21 domains you can host on the single page.

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