I want to try Asp.net Core website

Dear Sir,

Lastly Inventively thanks for the Free Account so that I can try my example website which is made purely in Asp.net Core

Please do kindly suggest how do i deploy to your webserver
My account is [email protected]

Waiting of your reply

Asp.net isn’t available in both free and premium hosting, because our system is linux, which meas asp won’t work on it.


Thanks ! But .Net Core would work on any platform…

Please do guide me

But ASP.NET does not work on this Linux distribution.


.NET Core is available on all Linux distributoins, yes. But that doesn’t mean it can be used on shared hosting.

On shared hosting, the hosting provider is responsible for providing the web runtime. For PHP, a hosting provider can use Apache (free and premium). For Python, Ruby and Node.js, a hosting provider can use Passenger (premium only). But no efficient platforms exist to run .NET applications in a shared environment. Which is why, except for a few niche Windows hosting providers, no hosting provider offers support for .NET.


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