I want to transfer my websites

My old websites are http://pixeonpets.website.tk and http://ckick3ns.website.tk/, and unfortunately, it just shows a weird page instead of the actual website. Is there a way for me to transfer it to InfinityFree even if their old domain is for sale?

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.tk domains is not supported

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I know. However, can I get all of their files and change their domain?

I do not know where these files/domains were hosted…
If their initial hosting still exist and you are able to access it then you have a chance to download them

then choose one of the free domains on Freenom (but not .tk)
and add them here as eg addon domains


Upload your files to the corresponding folders

and wait for DNS propagation


Okay, thanks! Unfortunately, I can’t access their original hosting website (same weird page of the actual sites). I guess I’ll need to start it all again…

So what is website.tk actually? Is it some other hosting provider using the same platform as we do? If so, you might be able to login to your old hosting account on https://cpanel.epizy.com with the credentials of your previous account.

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