I want to sell a domain

I have a 3L tld which I want to sell. Anyone intrested?

no money in pocket, what’s your domain name?

What is the domain name?

I already have a lot of domains (one bought and the rest free), so no need for another one for now.


@PhormalTeam xrz.pw

your using a .pw? (.pw means pro website).

Also what provider? Google domains? Or the infinityfree one?

Public domain registry

Okay. Well I was just wandering. But sorry.

You could try and find a domain selling list and add it on to one.

Thanks, I’m aware of that too.


I already have bought few domains with in-country money :sleepy:
good luck with finding someone to buy.

Ok if anyone interested to buy this domain, the price is $100 (negotiable)

Please note that (this applies to everyone, you are not above the TOS) that you may not sell the free subdomains provided by IF. (You can’t resell the free subdomains).
As long as it is not a free subdomain, but is owned by you (for example, you bought if from Freenom), then that is probably okay unless specified by the domain sellers.


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