I want to retrieve my data from suspended website

I see my site was suspended. Can you check to see if you can derive any database linked to vendorlinkzja.ml?

I have the wordpress files, just not the database.

If your site was suspended just wait for it to be unsuspended and download the database.

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@Greenreader9 Thank you for your response. I got an email to say it was permanently suspended and i need to pay for hosting but i tried so much time and the payment wont go through. I just need the database to move elsewhere since they can’t take my funds.

@Admin Kindly advise.

For what?

What error did you get? You can try contacting iFastNet support (support,iFastNet,com) and see if they can help you.

Depending on why you got suspended, you may be able to get your files back. Can you let me know the reason your site was suspended? It should say in an email you got.

Says it has been suspended more than 40 times so I have to pay. Look at these:

I did also try to contact them and they kept acting as if they have never heard of a site like mine before.

Here is my database info

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You can request a backup from the ticket in the client area.

And please don’t hijack a topic from someone else about a “suspended website” (where, if you read the topic, you would know the situation is a bit more complicated) to get data from your website too.

@Admin To hijack another topic was never my intention and I do apologize for that.

@admin Here is the error i get when I try to bring up the ticket:

Is there anyway you could please generate a copy and send it to the email address on file?

I checked that account and I see it was deleted almost a month ago. That’s why the ticket cannot be opened anymore: it was deleted along with the hosting account.

And since the account is deleted, the contents of the account are deleted too, so there is nothing to backup or send anymore.

So I guess your case is not as different as the one from the other topic.

Thank you for your response. I appreciate it.

Have a great day and don’t let some of these crazy guys get to you.


Since the contents were deleted, you can tty this next time

Sign up on XXX , then create a ticket, use N/A on your invoice number and tell yem you need a backup. They give you both the databases and the FTP files

Nobody can give you a backup of something they don’t have anymore.

And you can just request the backup from the ticket in the client area. No need to sign up somewhere else to submit a ticket which goes to exactly the same people.


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