i want to remove wp

Hi. Since i installed datenstrom yellow, i don’t need wp anymore. I am trying to delete it via ftp, but that deletes all but not the wp-inclodes folder and that keeps redownloading everything. How can i get ride of wp?

Hi @2dpsimter,

What you need to do is log on to your cPanel and navigate your way to Softaculous then on the top menu you want to click manage installations this icon looks like a cardboard box. Once their find the Wordpress installation you have and click Delete.

Please Note: This only works if you install Wordpress through Softaculous!

Best Regards,

Alan T.

I’m sorry, but what do you mean by that it “keeps redownloading everything”? It’s possible that some files cannot be deleted due to bad file permissions, but that shouldn’t cause other files to magically appear.