I want to recover my suspended account

Hello Team,

Can I get my Deactivated account back so I can get my content back.

Thank you,


If the account is marked as “Deactivated” you may be able to remover it by opening it up. If it is suspended, you will have to open a ticket to request your files via the client area.

If the account is marked as “Deleted”, all files and databases have been permanently removed from the system, and written over.


The account is marked as “inactive”, I can’t access it,


Can you screenshot the client area?

Sorry, it was accessed, it was restored,

thank you,

but with a percentage of a deleted account, can I get it back, I deleted it 2 years ago

No. Once an account it deleted, it can never be recovered.


Thank you very much for helping me, I appreciate it,

I wish you a nice day.


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