I want to point my domain to InfinityFree nameservers

Hi guys,

I want to point my domain to InfinityFree nameservers.
Based on the below instruction:

I logged in to NameSilo and clicked manage my domain,
but it showed this page requiring me “Click here to register a new domain.”.

after I clicked the link “Click here”, it showed a “Register your domain” page.
Because I already have a domain, I don’t want to register a new domain.
So, How to point my current domain to InfinityFree nameservers?

Is there another service that can point my domain to InfinityFree nameservers instead of NameSilo?


Are you sure? Better check with NameSilo…
Because when it shows no active domain, is likely a NameSilo (or your) issue.
Did the domain expire?
Is the domain registered on NameSilo?


First of all, please select the appropriate category for your topics. How to setup a website here is a support question, so please post it in the support category, not the informal category.

You need to configure the nameservers with your current domain provider. You can choose the domain provider you want to use, almost every domain provider can be used with our hosting.

The article uses NameSilo as an example, but you only need to set nameservers at NameSilo if you actually have your domain registered with NameSilo. If you’ve registered elsewhere, you need to set it there, but the steps on how to set nameservers should be fairly similar. If you don’t know how to do it, then your domain provider probably has a guide available on how to set custom nameservers.


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