I want to know how can i add DKIM records for using email

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no error message but mails are not working

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I have created 2 emails from bigrock.in but those were not working when i talk to their support team they told me to add some DNS records like MX and cname records which i did perfectly but there was a DKIM record which i was to add but when i didnt find place to add DKIM records and when i tried to add those records under SPF records it shows that illegal characters are there. So please help me to add those records hee so that i would be able to use my emails properly.

Follow this guide

You should be able to add DKIM record through CloudFlare


But i have to add records to infinityfree.

is cloudflare and infinity are interconnected?

Cloudflare and we aren’t interconnected; we still support other DNS providers as long as the domain is already added into a hosting account. Cloudflare is one of them, and there you can also add DKIM and DMARC records as well, over to SPF records on free hosting using our nameservers. And you know what’s good about Cloudflare? It’s that it also takes records from your old DNS provider as well, so you can use it no problem!


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