I want to know abt this... can this be fixed?

Hello guys, I was trying to add my SMF Forum RSS in my discord server, but I got some error whenever I tried, so I asked the bot developer for help and he told me the exact problem so is there any way I can edit the files listed and get my RSS?

NOTE : The RSS feed returns from my friend’s forum who is using his own host and domain.

Hello there,

You may want to refer to this Knowledge Base article:


Hello are you using domain or subdomain?

I’m using my own domain.

Thanks for the support. :wink:

Ok are you using cloudflare?

You’re welcome.

Whether you use a domain or a subdomain, the InfinityFree security system will block any requests from Bots unless they can execute JavaScript like normal browsers.

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Look what I found on Ifastnet forum Remove ?i=1 from your Domain - Tutorials - Byet / IfastNet Forums this may fix your isue

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