I want to edit my site locally via Xampp


I am no longer suspended and would like to know how to download the files from the site and edit by Xampp. I went to FileZilla and downloaded the files from the website and transferred them to the Xampp folder, but it didn’t work, when I go there I edit “Error establishing database connection” appears and I can’t do anything, but I know it’s possible because before I trained WordPress for Xampp :), please help.

edit wp-config.php file to match your DB configuration


What do I change there?

You cannot remotely access your website’s databases. They can only be connected to by your website.

Screenshot from 2021-01-24 06-33-41
These fields.


Xampp is a server application, it can’t be used to edit remote hosting. And also to clear some confusion here, xampp isn’t an editor as well, it is meant to run code and act as an server.


Got it, I meant I downloaded WordPress and I have Xampp on my computer and I wanted to edit my site locally

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