I want to downgrade my php version!

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Hello, to the attention of valuable infinityfree moderators. i was going to create a site like a social media platform. and i added social media quick login so that users can log in quickly to this site, but i got too many errors at the login place. so i want my php version to be reduced to 7.2 or 5.3, please review and check my site and choose my php version according to the errors

Thank you.

Not possible. Please upgrade


Go with an up to date software. If it doesnt work with the recent PHP version then there is no way that it is maintained.


However, my PHP Version changed by itself, my php version was automatically updated while my php version was 7.4, I am complaining about this situation.

We upgraded all of our servers to PHP8.2 because support was dropped by the PHP Group for version 7.4 a while ago. While they may be releasing security updates (which IMO won’t do much for the average website here), everything else stays the same and this is just not sustainable to run for thousands of customers for free. The latest version of any software is going to be the most supported and recommended by the developers and is also more likely to contain fewer bugs and vulnerabilities.

We’re sorry that you don’t like this decision, but you’ll have to live with it. Perhaps instead of using legacy software, you should either upgrade or find more modern software. And instead of complaining, try to be proactive and begin finding solutions (i.e., problem-solve) :slight_smile:


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