I want to change the forum name



Dear admin,
I want to change my forum name from my forum name from DikshitRJ (my name) to The Pragmatic Company (my company name). I am creating a project (A++) with my friends, and we have a company. While hosting i had by mistake put my name and email ID. I somehow changed the email ID. But now i need to change the username as my teammates are forcing me to do so. Please change my name. In your app, it is showing that I can only change the username once an year.

Most likely you have to wait one year to be up in order to do that

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Sorry, but if you want to change the name, you will either have to wait one year or completely uninstall the software you have and reinstall it with the correct name. You need to pay attention when setting up software for professional use.


Are you talking about the username on this forum, or the forum on your website?


You can change the forum name through your client area once per year. I see you set it only a few weeks ago, which means you need to wait until the end of the year to change it.

This is what it said when you first chose a forum name and this is what it says now. These are the rules, and we don’t make exceptions for individual cases.

If your team members insist on having a different forum name, then have them sign up for an account themselves, delete the domain name from your existing account and setup a new hosting account on the new profile and move the website to it.


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