I want to change php version 5.2 but it doesn't change

I want to change php version 5.2 but it doesn’t change

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What do you mean “it doesn’t change” exactly? And where are you trying to change your PHP version?
Also you cannot downgrade to PHP 5.2, you can only downgrade to PHP 5.4 which is the most outdated selectable PHP version in the Control Panel.


I’m talking about the select php version, but it’s still version 7.3

Where did you change the php version?

You can change it from the control panel. After that, it will immediately change just after you change the php version.

control panel select php version 5.4 but phpinfo remains version 7.3

From Admin:

The PHP version in the sidebar is the default PHP version, not the current one. If you changed your PHP version, it your PHP version on your account has been updated.


I can’t change to php version 5.2
because my project works in version 5.2 or 5.3?

I believe this might answer your query


And I believe that your project will also work with version 5.4 or above!

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Don’t you think your project is quite outdated? PHP 5.2 belongs to before 2012, but it is 2020 now. If it’s not working with newer php versions. Then you’ve to update it.


I think it would be good if there were many alternatives.
The php version is easy to change or the project coding logic

You can change your PHP version for your domain,not main server/all server.
Where did you see your PHP info?

Just change your PHP version on your CPanel menu, for example for your example.com domain.
Then make info.php file on root folder for that domain. Its content:
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
You can check whether or not your PHP version changed: example.com/info.php

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