I want to about infinityfree premium hosting

i am going to making instagram downloader. my site worked on localhost. i tried many premium and free hosting to text my instagram downloader. but not worked due to some issue. but my site is worked properly only on infinityfree free hosting. now if i bought premium hosting from infinityfree premium(ifastnet), will i get the same services and feature?
i mean i need exact same feature of infinityfree free hosting.

I’m not quite sure what you want, but it sounds like you would like to upgrade to premium hosting, I attached a link to the site where you can get more details about this.
Premium Hosting
Hope this helps!

All the features you get here, you will get on iFastNet. InfinityFree is just a reseller, meaning it uses the same hosting, but with less options.

If your site works here, then it’s almost impossible for it to not work on iFastNet.


It’s impossible to say without knowing the what “some issues” you experienced elsewhere. Logically, I would say that iFastNet’s hosting is probably more similar to regular paid hosting than our hosting is. But in general, iFastNet’s premium hosting is more flexible and powerful than our free hosting.

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