I want my website to be embedded into other website


I want this website to be embeded into my another webpage

But it shows google refuse to connect this

Please remove this issue asap

Both webpage is owned by me

No can do. Please read:

If you do not believe this issue description should affect you, please share both webpages (especially the webpage where you’re trying to embed the other into) and indicate where the issue can be seen.


Dear sir
I want detailmyself.epizy.com website to be allowed to be seen in my files.mydiscussion.net website

Unfortunately I cannot access the detailmyself.epizy.com website as it requires login credentials to enter, but given you’re getting the cookie page I believe the system mentioned in the article above is the reason why you cannot embed it.


Sir what has happened to my website, it is now suspended showing, and even after raised many time ticket for website to reactivate because we display our company’s employees’ status on the website, dear sir if you have suspension kindly check account there is nothing illegal on my webpage, you can definitely check sir, please reactivate my account https://files.mydiscussion.net

From your url I suppose that you are hosting files, which goes against our ToS.
Unfortunately, none of us at this forum have access to the ticket system (I remembered that Admin himself once said he can’t access the tickets either). So if they rejected you, then sorry.


I remember checking your website back when you first posted here, and the contents of the homepage were in violation of our terms of service. Please don’t host that type of content with us here.


dear sir at least allow me to download my data,
but sir i haven’t uploaded anything that should go against ToS, it was really our employees status, if you want our company’s employee list , i can provide you even you can verify that list from UAE goverment portal for labor department (https://inquiry.mohre.gov.ae/) or if you want our trade license to verify i can send you and you can check it as well on eservices.dubaided.gov.ae
,still you think we are faking so keep it suspended but the documents and files that was on my account, i want to download it, kindly allow me

Hi there,

I’m not a staff and clearly I don’t have access to the internal systems. You should go to client area, create a support ticket, and give the staffs your reason above. Only from there you can get account backups or have your account reactivated.

Please read the ToS carefully. You might not realize that your went against ToS. I can tell that if you are uploading files like .xlsx and .pptx, you are definitely breaking our ToS.


You have, but I’m not going to argue with you here about it. Please create a support ticket in the client area and request that the staff take a look at your account. We can’t help you here


i have many times raised the ticket, but didn’t get answer

Wait paitiently. I think that you should see that “Replying now will move your ticket to the last of the queue!” thing.

From my own experience it can take up to 24 hours to get a staff reply.


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