I want my account to be deleted

Hesabımın silinmesini istiyorum hostingin kapatılmasını istiyorum.

I want my account to be deleted


client area > pick your acc > account settings (red section)

There is no way to delete accounts immediately.
We have to keep accounts for some time, in case anyone does bad stuff with the hosting and tries to delete evidence (legal stuff)

The deletion of the account itself is caused by the inactivity timer, which checks traffic over the last 30 days ( it takes approximately 30 days for the account to be deleted, but it can be more or less).

tmm ozmn bende su oluo yönlendirme var onu nasıl kapatabiliriz suspended domain.org a

biraz acil hostingi iptal edemezmisiniz

domainim devredışı kaldı şuan

First of all, please note that this is an English language forum. Please be sure to write your messages in English, or at least include an English translation of your message.

There is no way to “emergency delete” an account. What kind of “emergency” is there that you believe the account should be deleted right now? If you want to move your website elsewhere, you don’t need to make any changes with us to make that work. If you would like to move a website to another hosting account, you only need to remove the domain name, not the entire account, to do so.

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