I Want Help To My Domain

I bought a domain name from Namecheap and linked it to a hosting called my-host.gq
But suddenly the hosting site stopped and I can’t access it, so when I transferred it to infinityfree, it told me to put the name server in the name I put it, and when I add a domain, it shows this message animedawn.xyz is already assigned and in use.2 and tells me that I have to remove the domain from the hosting My host is old, but I can’t log in because it doesn’t work. Is there a solution to this problem?

Hi and welcome to the forum! You’ll have to log in with the Control Panel credentials of your old hosting account of the reseller that ceased operating its domain (if you remember them) on this link (at least our Control Panel works because the hosting you were using before shares the same infrastructure as us), then remove your domain there from the “Addon Domains” section before you can add it on your hosting account here. If you don’t remember the Control Panel credentials of your old hosting account, either check your old emails or maybe you’ll have to wait for the Admin.


Basically, I can’t log in to the old hosting. The site is closed for everyone, and I can’t communicate with the site’s support

Did your old reseller have a Client Area like ours, or only direct access to the Control Panel with the credentials that have been sent by email? If the latter, click the link I sent (it’s the blue text) and log in with your old Control Panel credentials. If not, then I don’t know how to help you…


Thank you very much. Problem solved. I really thank you


I linked the domain now and removed the sub-domain and put my own domain, but when entering the site this appears?

For me your website works fine. If it doesn’t work for you try to clear your browser and DNS cache.


Sorry for the inconvenience once again
This message always appears to me, but sometimes it appears, and some not. When I do refresh, it disappears, but it comes after a while. What is the problem?

Try looking at this:


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