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unable to find the tracking code

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so i want access what all user are visiting my website so i wanted to use an external software like visitor-analytics and then from the instructions i needed to add a tracking code in but i am unable to find the file in which i add the tracking in for visitor-analytics from the FTP file manager, so can someone guide me?

Analytics software requires a particular HTML snippet to be added to every page in the site. As to what is the best way to do that completely depends on how you’re building your site.

I see your site is built with Serendipity. If so, you need to find a way to integrate the analytics system in Serendipity.

The best way is if the CMS natively supports adding analytics code, or has a plugin to do this. For example, they seem to have a plugin for Google Analytics:

If there is no plugin for the analytics system you want to use, you could try creating it yourself. Or maybe there is just functionality (or a plugin) to add custom HTML snippets to all pages, that would also let you add the analytics code.

As a last resort, you could end up hacking it in the theme code. In most CMS, the theme determines how the websites pages are built up, so you should be able to add the analytics code to the theme files used for page layout.

The if, where and how to do all of these things, I don’t know. I’ve never used Serendipity, I don’t know how it’s put together, and I don’t know your skill level.

Finally, I should say that while CMS can be really easy to use once set up, adding functionality to a CMS adds an additional layer of difficulty as it’s often not as simple as just dumping some code in a file.


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