I uploaded my index.html but I have 404 error


Error Message

404 not found

Other Information

Hi, I am receiving a 404 error and I don’t know why. I’ve just uploaded my index.html and mobile.html files

This is what see


Did you upload to the htdocs directory?

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Yes, I did. This is what I see:

Can you screenshot where you upload the files?

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Seems good now



I see this:

Do you see it well? I uploaded the files on the mgglegal folder/doc

I see what @KangJL saw in his most recent post.

Try clearing your cache


I cleared cache but I still see error 404

Try loading this URL: http://mgglegal.cl//index.html


You are right, that link is working. How can I set to redirect to that link?

If that link worked, the issue is a caching problem. Only you are having that issue, nobody else is (So the issue is on your computer/network).

If you already cleared your browser cache using my link above, the issue may be with your network/ISP cache. Try visiting your site using a VPN or a cellular network.


When I open the site http://www.mgglegal.cl/?i=1 in Private mode it works, but it is not working in normal mode.

Isn’t working on cellphone either. Do I have to wait because I registered the domain just few hours ago?

I sent the link to a friend and he is having the same issue.

Yeah, that is a cache issue.

Unfortunately, there is nothing else I can really tell you to do, since I don’t get the error. As to why your friend gets it, maybe they visited it before? Have them clear their cache, what happens then?


They haven’t visited the page before

I can confirm the website works for me as well (http://www.mgglegal.cl), both in normal and private windows.

They haven’t visited the page before

That you know of or they just forgot they did, it happens, but as Greenreader9 mentioned, it’s definitely a cache issue on your end somewhere since it works for you in private mode.

One way to be sure is to delete absolutely everything in your browser (all history, all cookies, all images, etc.) or try a newly installed browser.


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