I tried to follow the Admin advice, I got my website blocked - please HELP!!!

I wanted to upload the Newspaper 8 theme on my website, I could not since I received a message saying : The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.in

I tried to follow the steps mentioned below but now my website is blocked. I cant even access it on the browser… please help

here’ the link of the same issue raised before but I got all wrong for some reason:



July 2016

The upload limit (and file size limit) cannot be increased because we don’t allow file sharing sites to be hosted with us.

To install your theme, you can unpack the theme zip file and upload the theme directory to the wp-content/themes/ folder of your website using FTP. After that, you can enable the theme through the Wordpress management area.

What do you mean by your website is blocked? Your website seems to be working fine from here now and it has a custom theme.

Yes it is now after deleting the folder from Cpanel… Thanks for your reply :smile: