I think I found them

I think I found the group behind the ddos attacks, however I’m not sure of this!

Their website is hosted on one of the IP addresses that was ddosed. (


There’s actually a possibility they might be.

A few obvious things that need to be pointed out:
This is obviously a Scam

I mean they claimed they helped businesses like Facebook, Google and Tesla to secure their site which is a blatant lie, they even are using a gmail account as their some sort of support email (which you can see at the bottom of the site) which adds up to the point how would even Google and other business work with someone using a generic gmail account and not a professional email lol.

This is illegal as far as what I’m aware and I think infinityfree should shut it down ASAP.


I knew that, I already reported the website to infinityfree & McAfee for review.

P.s If these companies had a security problem (ex. Google) they would fix it themselves, not hire someone else to do it.

or even Site isn’t secure and they’ve helped these securily? what.

Their nameservers is quite interesting!

Even if that not be a DDoSer team, they’re phishing. Surely their site should be taken down?


What makes you so sure that the owners of this website attacked our servers? Why would they attack the provider who hosts their own website?


They are a hacking group, plus their website is hosted on one of the IP addresses that was ddosed.

Well yeah but why would they even attack the server in which where their site is hosted? Makes no sense to me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Just like what @Admin asked:


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