I tested profreehost and infintyfree to find which is better

I hosted 2 websites with exactly same HTML content one on infinityfree and profreehost

Both had exactly same content (920kb)

I did google pagespeed insights 20times.
5 times infinityfree winned.
5 times it was a tie with exactly same score.
10 times profreehost had a better score.

Note : The scores were just marginally different link 88-91 and so on

InfinityFree has a way better community support. But from what I tested I saw that ProFreeHosts pagespeed insight score was better which I think is becuse infinityfree has way more no. of users then profreehost

I personally am hosting my sites on InfinityFree because I know if i ever have a problem the community and our beloved Admin is always there to help us.


To mention, Profreehost and Infinity free are same.

They both use a reseller program of Ifastnet


Yes I know that and I myself use InfinityFree on my main site and I love the community and Admin here.


Exactly why it’s better. Unlike profreehost, InfinityFree has a friendly community to help.


Hosting platform wise, InfinityFree and ProFreeHost are the same. So site features, speed, limits and so on are the same with all providers. Any difference you see can only be coincidental, for example because the accounts end up on different servers, which have different load at different times.


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